The Gable Story

Gable Music Ventures formed from a need in Wilmington, Delaware for a platform to be created for young people to perform original music. In late 2010, Gayle Dillman was a stay at home mom, going through some major life changes. Jeremy Hebbel was a home grown musician and artist that hadn’t put much thought to his future. A chance meeting at Accent Music started an unlikely friendship that reignited Gayle’s passion for live music. Jeremy began working with Gayle’s daughter Erica on some original songs she was kicking around, which eventually lead to a need for Erica to perform her material. When nothing seemed to be the right fit, Gayle took it upon herself to rent the Center for Creative Arts in Yorklyn to put on a show with the help of Jeremy. The event, which was dubbed “First Annual Yorklyn Rock Showcase” did quite well with well over one hundred in attendance.

Jeremy had made the decision shortly before the Yorklyn event to relocate to San Diego with Stephen Finn, his co-worker and friend at Accent Music. After Jeremy left several individuals reached out and encouraged Gayle Dillman to throw more all ages friendly shows, and she had caught the bug with the Yorklyn event. Gayle called Jeremy and let him know that she was starting a business to create opportunities for all ages original music in Wilmington and asked if he would be interested in partnering up. Jeremy, who had left for San Diego in January, asked if he could enjoy the warmth until March, eagerly accepted the opportunity.
The name Gable comes from the combination of Gayle and Hebbel. The well recognized Gable guitar logo was designed by Jeremy while he was still in San Diego. The business was officially incorporated in February of 2011, and the business’ first official Gable Music Ventures event was the Original Music Showcase on May 21st 2011 at the Siegel Jewish Community Center featuring a great lineup including The Late Bloomer Band, The Hold Up, Rory Sullivan, and Gayle’s daughter Erica even performed a song.

Over the last six years the business has become best known for their work creating the popular yearly summer event the Ladybug Festival which has grown to become the largest celebration of women in music in the Country. The event attracted approximately 10,000 attendees into downtown Wilmington in 2017. The business works tirelessly to make Wilmington a destination for live entertainment. As Gayle is so often heard saying, “there are over 5,000 seats for entertainment on Market Street alone between the Queen, the Playhouse, and the Grand”.

The business has found a niche as special event consultants, and entertainment service providers, frequently engaged to program live entertainment for a variety of local businesses and events. The business has been recognized by the city of Wilmington with an official proclamation declaring July 20th and 21st 2017 “Ladybug Days” in the city. The Ladybug Festival won best special event in 2016 for Excellence in Revitalization by Downtown Delaware. It also won best event/concert several years in a row through WSTW Hometown Heroes.

Gayle and Jeremy are most proud that despite needing to adapt multiple times since forming the business, they have stayed true to the purpose and vision of creating platforms and opportunities for original music to be played from artists of all ages. The company feels that the most important work they are doing is identifying the next generation of local professionals and employing them to perform.

The Team

Gable team photo.jpg

Gayle Dillman

Gayle Dillman brings a diverse and superior set of skills to the original music scene in Delaware. Her background in banking, business strategy and advocacy is perfectly suited to organizing chaos for Gable Music Ventures and their clients. Gayle has worked with large and small organizations – from Citicorp in New York to Children and Families First here in Delaware – customizing her approach and service for each. She is committed to bringing clients’ ideas to life. Gayle specializes in reinvention, and treats you like family.

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Jeremy Hebbel

Jeremy Hebbel was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware and has a vision for the city’s revitalization through music, events and entertainment. An artist and musician, himself, with a degree in Fine Arts from Delaware College of Art and Design, Jeremy thrives on providing opportunities for emerging artists. He is the conduit between Wilmington’s original music scene and the businesses and tourism that they elevate. In 2017, Delaware Business Times 40 Under 40 recognized Jeremy for his ‘dedication to the city and the revitalization of the downtown area through music’.

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Joe Trainor

Joe Trainor has been a musician on the Wilmington scene for over 20 years.  Most recently with 10 years in The Joe Trainor Trio and is now the music director for the tribute group The Rock Orchestra.  In addition to performing on many of Wilmington's best stages, he's also developed (or co-developed) large scale concerts like 2005's Concert for Katrina and Wilmo Rock Circus.  He's also the originator of Wilmington's Musikarmageddon and Musikarmageddon Solo competitions.  In addition to his musical endeavors, he's helping to give opportunities in his role as booking agent for Gable Music Ventures.  

Bryce Fender.jpg

Bryce Fender

Bryce Fender is an up-and-coming social entrepreneur in Wilmington Delaware. Even though he currently studies at University of Delaware he met Gayle and Jeremy back in high school, planning shows to bring students together. He is now a valuable team member of Gable, as well as COO and cofounder of a social impact real estate investing startup, Wilminvest

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James Riley

James Riley is a Client Relationship Manager for Gable. He has always loved music, especially the genres of New Wave, Alternative, and Indie.  In addition to being passionate about supporting music and the arts in Delaware, he is also interested in education, community, and games.  James likes to read and write in his spare time. He is proud to call Wilmington home and to do what he can to make the city a better place to be