Digital Music Events

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been incredibly tough on us all, regardless of the industry. Our team has been working hard to continue to be able to offer our entertainment services safely through digital events.

COVID forced us to pivot and produce the Ladybug Festival and Smyrna at Night as online events for 2020. Giving us the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully produce digital events.

Our team is ready to discuss assisting you with any of the following services regardless of the scale of your event.

Conceptualizing The Event

So you want to put on an event, and that’s as far as you’ve got? No problem! We’re the team for you! We’ve got over ten years experience conceptualizing events.

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An eye catching brand is even more important in the digital event space. Our graphic artists can create something that will get people to stop scrolling and get involved!


Choosing a platform to host your event can be difficult with so many options. Our team has experience with both ticketed and free online events and can assist you in making the right choice.

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There are so many moving parts to putting on a successful digital music event. From step one we will set meetings and track goals to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.


What sets us apart from most businesses is the ten years we have spent building relationships with independent emerging artists. Along with our experience securing nationally known headliners, this means that regardless of your budget, we can secure amazing talent for your event.

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Whether your event will be streamed live OR PRE-RECORDED AND SHARED WITH THE WORLD, we’ve got you covered. we pre-test for quality in our live streams and partner with video production companies to assemble lengthier projects.


There are thousands of online events happening at any time!! Whether it’s an individual artist live streaming a performance, or a major festival drawing tens of thousands of viewers, marketing and promotion is even more important in the online event space. Let’s talk about your goals and come up with a plan.

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If you or your business used to hold an event that is no longer possible due to COVID, get in touch and lets see if there’s an online solution we can provide.